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Turn ordinary space into extraordinary space! Whether you have a home remodeling project, an addition, or an aging in place improvement, we are able to provide outstanding service from beginning to end. Through our unique creative process we can help you take a space and tailor it to your tastes while providing a high-end custom feel.

Often ideas can seem overwhelming at first with so many things to think about.... How am I going to come up with a design and pick the right materials? Do I need to get any special county permits? What about well and septic? Is my waterfront property in a critical area and what does this mean for my plans? Will my current electrical panel accommodate my dream addition?

At Lampost, we take care of these items often seamlessly to our clients. We are a one-stop-shop through the entire process. We stay up to date with the ever changing regulations and are there to help determine what permits are required if any. We have the experience and familiarity with what it takes to get jobs through the county.

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Thinking about an addition can often be a fun and exciting endeavor. Additions can add space to your home and provide extra living functionality.

Interior additions could include a bedroom, bathroom, or family entertainment room. Irrespective of the type of addition, we maintain diligent thoroughness through design, drawing plans, paint, final grading and all critical aspects of the construction.

Lampost makes additions look like they were there from the beginning. It is frequently the small details and a bit of creativity that make it work (e.g. changing roof angles, modifying both the existing house and addition to merge together, use of stone or siding, etc.).

Throughout the design process we often exceed expectations by recommending and implementing unique solutions. Maybe adding that dream master bed/bath to the top floor of your home could also allow for finished square footage to be added to the bottom floor as well. There are many options to think about for each addition like the possibility of skylight windows, what type of flooring to choose, what type of ceiling (e.g. tray ceiling, cathedral, vaulted, standard 9 foot). We are here to help guide you with the options and overall design to create the perfect addition for your home.

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Remodeling a bathroom can add so much to a home. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are the two areas where we recommend choosing higher-end options and to really consider some of the bells and whistles of various products. Bathrooms and Kitchens are spaces that are typically used everyday and have great opportunity for being customized to your taste.

The design and renovation of bathrooms is one of our greatest specialties. We take pride in being able to transform what is usually a relatively small space into a functionally maximized, visually appealing room.

With each bathroom renovation project, we closely coordinate with suppliers to ensure that the end product is exactly what our client wants while staying within budget. We frequently make recommendations for products that add a very custom-type-feel at very affordable prices. ...custom tile, barrier free showers, digital showers, frameless shower doors, glass enclosures, shower niches, customer cabinetry, ultra quite bath exhaust fans to remote location exhaust (can't hear and won't even know it's there), kerdy shower (water proofing system), slow close toilet seats, comfort high toilets, marble corner shelves.... the options are many and we are there to take projects from an idea to your finalized dream bathroom.

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Whether it's an entertainment area, bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom, or all combinations, remodeling a basement can be very exciting and rewarding. With basements, we maximize space utilization while still saving room for storage needs. There may be multiple approaches such as creating one open area or dividing into separate spaces and it may be challenging to picture how exactly you want to design the basement, but we are there to work with clients and make it happen.

Basements can be great areas to add special features such as a bar or wine cellar, fireplace, hideaway bed, theater area or room, kitchenette, window seats, custom storage, or even a strategically placed display for a painting or an elegant fountain. There are also unique solutions or ideas that the Lampost team may recommend to turn a basement into a superb living area. For example, we may recommend design improvements for basement windows that create the feel of being in a large, open, above ground room. The options are many.

We are here to help guide you through the options and overall design to create the perfect basement for your home.

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A kitchen remodeling project can be one of the most important home improvement undertakings. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the two areas where we recommend choosing higher-end options and to really consider some of the bells and whistles of various products. Kitchens and bathrooms are spaces that are typically used everyday and have great opportunity for being customized to your taste.

We work with our clients to invent a design that best meets the space. We strive to optimize the space for greatest functionally, flow, and visual effect.

We assist clients regarding where to make selections, provide support for color selection and pairing, and aid in the overall process of choosing products. We also stay current with the latest and greatest products, options, and technologies that are in the industry from standard to custom cabinetry, higher-end options, trim, and nearly anything the imagination can conceive.

Kitchen options are vast for countertops (e.g. granite, laminate, solid surface, man-made concrete, etc.), flooring (e.g. hardwood, tile, etc.), cabinets (e.g. color options, finishes such as modern to sophisticated to sleek, slow close doors, various types of moldings, storage maximization products such as rollout trays, etc.), and lighting (e.g. pendulum, recessed, ambience, accent, etc.). Options are many, but we are able to guide you through the decision process by providing valuable information, recommendations, and answering any questions that you may have.

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Special Projects

Do you have a remodeling or renovation idea that you have questions about? Feel free to contact us with special requests.

We provide aging in place improvements such as installing elevators, grab bars, and more. We also service a multitude of interior and exterior renovation needs such as moving walls, consolidating bedrooms, installing hardwood and tile flooring, creating custom built-ins, installing fireplaces, recess lighting, yard lighting, crown molding, chair rail, shadow boxes, composite decks, paver patios, and performing exterior makeovers.