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Founded: 2004
Location: Pasadena MD
Servicing: Northern Anne Arundel
County and surrounding
License: MD Home Improvement
License - MHIC 123004
MD Home Builder
License - MHBR 5267

Company Philosophy

In 2004, Larry, Mickey and Chuck turned their passion into a full time profession. With decades of experience in construction and remodeling, the team saw where many contractors seemed to fail their clients. And worse yet, those contractors just didn't seem to care. Homeowners were forking out money only to be left in the dark, hoping everything would turn out as planned on time and within budget.

Just as light from a lamp post can guide a person safely to their destination, Lampost LLC was formed with the intent of guiding clients through their entire construction and remodeling project. We pride ourselves on listening to your needs and then providing exactly the right quality service. Whether it is a home remodeling project, new construction, or an aging in place improvement, Lampost is committed to providing outstanding service from beginning to end.

The biggest fear a Homeowner has is hearing the words, "We have a problem." To be totally honest, problems do arise. The strength of our team lies in their ability to communicate the situation and then implement creative and budget conscious solutions.

Our philosophy is to build relationships based on trust, to conduct business with the utmost integrity and to maintain an unrelenting focus on superior service. Suppliers and Sub-contractors are viewed as being an extension of our company. We hold them to our same standards. As a result, Lampost partners with some of the most reputable businesses in the industry. We know we are doing it right when customers comment about our professionalism and service. You'll like us when we start. You will love us when we finish.

Meet the Team: A Family Based Company with Focus

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.
The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."
- Alexander Graham Bell

Larry, Mickey, and Chuck bring more than 55 years of combined industry experience covering nearly all trades from general contracting and building homes to electrical work. Each person brings unique talents to the table and together there is a synergistic energy and focus that steers every project to success.

Larry has been remodeling homes and doing construction work for over 30 years. Growing up, Larry remodeled homes with his father and brothers and ultimately developed an incredible work ethic and overall passion for the industry. Larry is a certified Aging-In-Place Specialist and is known for being thorough in all engagements.

Meet The Team Mickey is the core for customer satisfaction. She ensures that each project stays on schedule and within budget. With years of experience owning successful businesses, Mickey knows what it takes. She provides the organizational, accounting, and business structure required to achieve operational effectiveness.

Chuck brings creativity and unique solutions to challenging problems. With more than 25 years in the trades, Chuck has developed a wide array of skills. He uses his experience and creativity to go above and beyond while implementing out of the box solutions. Chuck is known for bringing the "WOW" factor that often exceeds client expectations.

If you have a remodeling project, please contact us today with any questions. We would love to help turn your dream into a reality.

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